• Are your products vegan? – All the ingredients in our products are vegan except for beeswax. We chose to use beeswax instead of vegetable waxes as Australia doesn’t produce vegetable waxes. Our priority is to utilise Australian ingredients and since Australian produces a great amount of beeswax (by product of honey production) we have chosen to use that wax instead.
  • Are your products safe during pregnancy? - Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals (parabens, aluminum, phenoxyethanol etc) or preservatives. Pure essential oils are generally not recommended during pregnancy, however natural products contain highly diluted essential oils, so they’re generally safe to use. You should always check with your obstetrician before using a new product. We just don’t recommend using our Lavender balm during pregnancy.
  • Are your products tested on animals? - No we don't. We are passionate about being cruelty free. There is no need for animal testing as there are absolutely no nasties in any of our products. All our products so far only contain Australian ingredients, and Australian law itself do not allow cosmetic animal testing. Our products are only tested on people.
  • Are your products safe since there are no preservatives? – Yes absolutely! Preservatives are only needed when there is water present as water enables bacteria and mould to grow.
  • The scent  and colour of my product seems to vary from the last product I purchased? - This is normal and is a reflection of the natural ingredients we use. We batch make all of our natural skincare and ingredients (especially oils) differ in colour and texture based on season and region they are harvested from. As a result, this product may vary in colour, texture and fragrance from batch to batch. This does not impact the efficacy of the product and each contains the same amount of active ingredients.
  • Do your products contain Parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?
    All of our products are entirely free of all parabens, phenoxyethanol, preservatives and sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
    Our products naturally last two years without being opened. Once opened the products will last for approximately 12 months although we recommend using them within six months. The little open jar symbol on the packaging indicates the length of time.We only use pure natural ingredients so there is no need for preservatives and because of that some products do have a shorter shelf life.
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