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We have always believed in clean living and know that what we put on our skin also gets absorbed into our bodies. It is evident that natural ingredients that are grown in clean environments are so important. We then looked around and saw that products that were marketed as natural also contained preservatives where it wasn’t necessary just to extend the self-life of inventory. To us this was unnecessary.  

Then when Covid-19 happened it brought to light how vulnerable supply chains where and highlighted the importance of locally sourced products and local manufacture. 

That’s is why our first ever product - our Happy Hand Balms - are made from 100% Australian grown ingredients and with NO preservatives. Many Australian skincare brands are made in Australia but usually use only very small amounts of Australian ingredients if any at all.

Usually skincare production focuses on formulations first, then only include Australian ingredients if it happens to fit the formulation. We on the other hand look at what Australia produces and build our formulations around that, using Australian grown is what will help our country.

We have only just begun our journey of exploring the best that Australia produces and would love you to join us.


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